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Silicon Steel Slitting Line

Silicon Steel Slitting Line
Silicon Steel Slitting LineSilicon Steel Slitting Line
CategoriesSilicon Steel Slitting Line
BrandHengli, SUMIKURA
Update TimeApr 18,2024
Detail Information
The equipment is used for slit the silicon steel, tinplate, steel, aluminum and etc. It

used Siemens PLC, Yuken hydraulic components and NSK bearings in the key position.

Name & Model

HL-ZJ1250-90A slitting line


For accurately slitting silicon-steel, strip steel and aluminum strip.


German Siemens PLC control, Japanese YUKEN brand hydraulic components, Carbide knives.

Technical parameters

1)Slitting thickness:0.2-0.5mm

2)Max slitting width:1250mm

3)Max uncoiling weight:10T

4)Uncoiling O.D.:1400mm

5)Uncoiling I.D.:385-450mm / 480-520mm

6)Slitter mandrel diameter:120mm

7)Slitting quantity:15 strips

8)Slitting width:≥71mm

9)Recoiling weight:≤10T

10)Recoiling I.D.:508mm

11) Slitting parallel tolerance:0.05mm/m


13)Slitting width tolerance:0.05mm

14)Speed regulation method:DC, frequency control


16)Total consumption:90Kw

17)Land occupation:16×7m

18)Other performance:All hydraulic driven, Proper circle recoiling, Pneumatic-expansion type strip tightener, With high-precision knife grinder, Side collector.

19)Unique design:Touch screen operation, Siemens PLC control, Whole ling automatic running, On-line adjust slitting width, Adjust knife without removing shaft, On-line grinding.


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