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About Hengli
About Hengli

(Japan) SUMIKURA Co., Ltd. is a Japanese company owned by Hengli Numerical Control. It is the largest professional manufacturer of shearing equipment for the automotive industry (including automotive outer panels) with more than 70 years of expertise in Japan. The products cover the design and manufacturer of a complete set of sheet metal production lines such as uncoiling blanking lines, horizontal (swing) cutting lines, slitting lines, stamping lines/multi-station automation. Headquartered in Hamamatsu City, Shizuoka Prefecture, it has manufacturing plants in Japan and Deqing, China. In particular, the powerful leveler is a high-quality product recognized by the global steel and aluminum industries.

Certified in compliance with international standards;
  • ISO 9001-quality management system;
  • AQAP 2110-NATO's requirements for quality assurance of design, development and production;
  • ISO 14001-Environmental Management System;
Hengli CNC Technology Co., Ltd was established in 2005

Hengli is a national high-tech enterprise specializing in sheet metal blanking and shearing equipment in China. It is one of the units that formulate and draft the national standards and industry standards for sheet metal blanking and shearing equipment. Hengli is engaged in shearing and forming equipment for ultra-high-strength steel, aluminum, electrical steel, and tinplate, and its R&D and manufacturing of sheet metal shearing equipment is at a world-class level. It is selected by Shanghai Baosteel, Shougang, Chinalco, Kobelco Automotive Aluminum, Geely Automobile, Zhongyue Pohang Steel, COFCO, Dongfeng Motor and other large enterprises, and has been exported to Germany, Japan, the United States, Italy, etc. 30 Many countries and regions.

Hengli Company

Yixian Road Plant (occupies an area of 37,600 ㎡)

Hengli Company

Huishan Road Plant (occupies an area of 19300㎡)

Hengli Company

(Japan) SUMIKURA Co., Ltd. (covers an area of 10,000㎡)

Important Milestones In Our History
In Aug 2000 "Hangzhou Hengli Cutting Machine Co., Ltd" is established.
In May 2005 "Zhejiang Hengli Shearing Machinery Co., Ltd" is registered with registered capital CNY 5,500,000. It went into operation in Oct 2006.
In 2008 Hengli finished shareholding system transformation, and registered "Hengli CNC Technology Co., Ltd". The registered capital was increased to CNY 20,000,000.
In Jul 2009 Hengli was subscribed as "National high and new technology enterprise to be given special aid".
In Jun 2010 Hengli increased capital and stock the 1st time. The registered capital was increased to CNY 30,000,000.
In 2011 Hengli got 56.5 mu of new land and started to build new factory. In the meantime it increased capital and stock the 2nd time. The registered capital was increased to CNY 40,000,000.
In Apr 2012 Hengli purchased Japanese SUMIKURA Co.,LTD.
In Jul 2012 Hengli increased capital and stock the 3rd time. The registered capital was increased to CNY 44,000,000.
In Mar 2014 Hengli was formally listed with stock code 430676.
In Feb 2015 Hengli increased capital USD 1,700,000 to SUMIKURA Co.,LTD. In May 2015 Hengli increased capital the 4th time. The registered capital was increased to CNY 55,000,000.
Hengli implemented strategic arrangement of overseas marketing on the basis of exporting products to more than 30 countries, to provide total solution, integration and implementation to customers for the requirements of automatic control and robot.
Hengli's HL1200BS8 high-speed digital-controlled scroll cutting line was in designing and testing process. Ultrastrength plate blanking line was put into production.
In 2018 Hengli got 8 authorizations, among them there are 4 invention patents.
In Aug 2019 the 7th directorate meeting of 4th session, Hengli approved share repurchase programme and formulated share repurchase and encouragement plan.
Hengli's "Uncoiling blanking line control system V1.0" was listed as Provincial first edition software. Hengli's "Steel-Aluminum mixed uncoiling blanking line" was listed as Provincial first equipment key project. Hengli owns 52 authorizations in total, including 23 invention patents and 4 software copyrights.

Matsushita Konosuke

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How to help our customers to be success?

Quick Response Time

We believe that the key to good communication is to be proactive and understand. After you are contacted, our team will contact you within 24 hours. In addition, you can get a quote in just two days.

Comprehensive Market Analysis

Our experts have many years of experience that will help you research your target markets. In addition, they will be there to help you determine whether your product meets the needs of the relevant market. In this way, we will ensure that your business makes the best decision.

Continuous Product Improvements

Because of the fierce competition in the market, the product must be continuously improved. Moretop tools can improve product quality based on feedback received from the market. In addition, these improvements will help you stay ahead of the market and even outperform your competitors.

Quality Assurance

We are very proud of our quality, if there are any quality problems with our products, we will provide product replacement or refund, to protect the rights and interests of customers.

Ecological Sustainability

Sustainable production and sustainable products are the key foundation for our long-term economic success. We economize on the use of natural raw materials and invest in advanced technology to improve the efficiency of the production process. In addition, the products we provide for our customers are not only economical and safe, but also have ecological benefits

At any time, we will always focus on the whole life cycle of products, not just on the use of our own resources. Increasing production while maintaining the same amount of raw materials used, in other words, producing more products with less money is the goal of Minebea Intec at all levels

Quality And Environmental Bidding

All production facilities in Germany have passed international quality (DIN EN ISO 9001:2015) and environmental regulations (DIN EN ISO 14001:2015)

In addition to meeting our high quality standards, we also guarantee to save resources in the manufacturing process and improve the energy efficiency of our company. We constantly strive to improve the existing system and gradually expand it to all the sites of the group

Consultation Service

Through discussions with customers, we will meet the requirements and provide customers with detailed and preferential quotations based on our capabilities.

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Design And Project Management

Based on the concept of a fixed machine, the design adopts 2-D or 3-D CAD. Project management is accomplished through a mandatory project schedule that is closely coordinated with the client.

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Adjustment And Test Run

Each machine is adjusted and tested in our factory using original materials. This way, you can check the machine's functions before delivering it. Parallel training can be carried out for operators and maintenance personnel, which can save your time.

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After-sales Service

The service will not stop after the machine is delivered. Whether you need our personnel for emergency service visits or a reliable supply of original spare parts, we are always your partner.

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With 70 years of experience and achievements in the automobile manufacturing industry, providing services to global steel and metallurgical manufacturing companies