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Correct Operation Process After the Slitting Line is Powered on

Correct Operation Process After the Slitting Line is Powered on

Oct 26,2022
slitting line
The slitting line is a special equipment for roll-type metal sheet leveling, which usually consists of power, host, and electrical control. Using the multi-roller working principle, the sheet material is repeatedly deformed between the upper and lower leveling rollers to eliminate stress and achieve the purpose of leveling. On the outer sides of the upper and lower rows of work rolls, rigid support rolls (wheels) are arranged to form a four-fold roll structure. 

The sheet material is leveled by this machine, which can obviously improve its flat state and improve the quality of the workpiece. It can work independently and is used for the leveling of a single plate; it can also be configured in front of the machine, shear, palletizing and online mechanism, etc. Through the control system into a complete production line, to level and split the metal coil.

Correct operation process after the slitting line is powered on

After ensuring that the connection lines of the entire production line of the slitting line are correct, power on the metal slitting machine. After powering on, do not open the electric control door at will, and touch the electrical files with your hands to prevent electric shock and hurt people, and the operator is operating. Pay attention when slitting the thread.

1. It is necessary to ensure that the operator of the slitting line test machine is familiar with the operation process, operates in strict accordance with the operation process, and has a job qualification certificate. This also includes that the operator must not have long hair, operate the machine with gloves, and tie the cuffs of the clothes (except for loading and unloading knives). All are to ensure the safety of the operator when operating the slitting line.

2. Pay attention to the coordination of force and the fixed position of the feeding when feeding the feeding trolley on the slitting line to prevent the raw materials from falling off and hurting the feet. At the same time, make sure that the position of the metal material on the uncoiler is accurate.

3. The slitting line shall not open the control box door at will, and the slitting machine shall touch the transmission part with the body, hands, and head; when visually inspecting the operation, the head shall not be too close to the material and the roller; the body shall not be leaned against the machine. Any part; at the same time, the slitting line should not touch the roller by hand during the running process;

4. When unloading, pay attention to braking the pulley of the unloading arm to prevent the unloading arm and the coiling shaft from falling off the material and hurting the feet.

The above content introduces the correct operation process after the slitting line is powered on. If you want to buy the slitting line, please contact us.

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