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What Are the Common Problems with Shearing Blades? How to Solve?

What Are the Common Problems with Shearing Blades? How to Solve?

Nov 9,2022
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What are the common problems encountered with shearing blades? What are the fixes for common problems with shearing blades? We know that the blade of the shearing machine (the blade of the shearing machine) is an all-steel welded structure, comprehensive treatment to eliminate internal stress, and has good rigidity and stability.

The Following is the Failure Analysis of Common Shearing Machine Blades:

1. When working, the blade of the hydraulic shearing machine is intermittent, and there is no continuous plate shearing action. It is necessary to check the control connection line.

2. Illegal behavior of shearing. It is found that the cutting surface of the shearing machine blade is smooth, and the cutting tool wear is very serious. The thickness of the cutting surface is different, which affects the processing effect of the tool.

3. The movement pressure of the shearing machine blade, it is found that the movement of the shearing machine blade is abnormal, and the pressure gauge of the shearing machine blade equipment shows no pressure. At this time, you can first check the valve core and oil pipe of the shearing machine blade equipment, and check the operating instructions of the shearing machine blade equipment and hydraulic shearing machine.

Shearing Machine Failure Solution

At the very beginning, if we use the shearing machine and find that the blade does not rotate or does not work anymore, at this time, we should not blindly check with our hands, but stay away from here first. power check.

Improper contact with the power supply or insufficient voltage on the power supply will also cause the blade to stop working, which is a very common existence in mechanized operations. And if there is no failure in this aspect, then we have to check the next aspect.

It is recommended that the user should also check the shearing machine blade accordingly when using it for the first time. At this time, even if there is a problem, it will not be difficult to solve. Be sure to turn off the power when checking. Many people have A misunderstanding always forgetting to turn off the power.

If there is a problem during the inspection process, the user can make reasonable adjustments according to the situation. Generally speaking, the common failure is basically a phenomenon caused by the power supply and blade installation, so this requires the user to start at the beginning. We can pay more attention to these two aspects. If we carefully check these two aspects before starting the work, there will be no faults during the work.

The above briefly introduces the faults and solutions of the shearing machine blade. If you want to buy a shearing machine, please contact us.

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