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What Are the Application and Advantages of Slitting Line?

What Are the Application and Advantages of Slitting Line?

Oct 22,2022
slitting line
The use of slitting lines has many effects on our lives. Some people may not be familiar with its name. It has other names. The slitting line is also known as a slitting machine, slitting line, and scissors. For tinplate, galvanized iron, silicon steel sheet, cold rolled strip steel, stainless steel strip, aluminum strip, steel strip, and other coils for slitting and cutting. After hearing these names, you should be familiar with them.

It is to cut metal coils into strips of various required widths, and then collect the strips into small coils for use in the next process. It is a device for cutting transformers, motor industries, and other metal strips. The longitudinal and transverse shearing compound line is cold leveling equipment for steel plates. The multi-roller operation principle is used to make the sheet metal repeatedly deform between the upper and lower leveling rollers to remove stress and achieve the purpose of leveling. The whole production line is composed of uncoiling, leveling, shearing, discharging, and other devices.

The vertical and horizontal shears are equipped with storage pits, traction rectification devices, roller transition slides, and other online mechanisms between every single machine to form a complete production line. Slitting shears are mainly suitable for metallurgy, vehicles, metal products, electrical and electrical, pressure vessels, chemical machinery, and other sheet metal products enterprises for raw material preparation, as well as metal material storage, plate distribution, and other circulation industries, supporting related forming machine tools can be used for larger-scale function extension.

The application scale of the slitting line is also very wide, and it has applications in various fields. As long as you master its application skills, you can use it properly no matter what scale it is used in. Now let's take a look at the advantages of slitting lines:

1. High shearing efficiency, dozens of times flame-cutting efficiency

2. The production cost is low, which is a few tenths of the flame-cutting cost

3. The equipment can cut both the constant section and the variable section (trapezoidal constant section) of the steel plate.

4. After the steel plate is processed, the straightness is good, there is no burr, the processing end face is regular, and it can be used directly without correction.

5. After processing, the blanking of the plate is regular, which is convenient for packaging and transportation. The processed plate can be directly put on the market as a commodity material.

6. The equipment investment cost is low, easy to install, easy to operate, and easy to use

The above briefly describes the advantages and applications of slitting lines. If you want to customize or buy slitting lines, please contact us.

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