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Small Knowledge of Operation and Maintenance of Slitting Machine

Small Knowledge of Operation and Maintenance of Slitting Machine

Sep 13,2022
Slitting Machine Knowledge
Scope of application of slitting machine:

1. It is used for the type of slitting paper. This is also the mainstream product packaging market in the current packaging equipment.

2. It is used in industries required for slitting leather, cloth, plastic, film, etc.

3. It is used for slitting metal coils such as strip steel, stainless steel, copper... It is mainly used for steel processing plants, steel market operators, rolling mills, electrical appliances, automobiles, stamping parts, etc.

Operation notes:

1. During the use process, pay attention to observing whether the operation of each component is normal and whether there is a no different sound. Once there is no sound, it should be stopped in time to find the cause and eliminate it;

2. Ultrasonic correction, the manual mode of manual mode before booting is ready for the material, and the check-to-compile controller is in the automatic mode before startup. 

3. Slowly increase the speed when starting up and watch the upper and lower knives. The gap should not be too large, too large will cause burrs, and too small will damage the blade.

4. When calibrating the knife, the upper knife holder should be locked when it is 2~3mm away from the lower knife when the upper knife is lowered, and the upper knife holder should be placed in the middle of the lower knife edge groove, so as to prevent the upper knife edge from touching the lower knife. When calibrating the knife, be sure to lock the upper knife holder to avoid loosening the upper knife holder, causing the knife to jump during slitting.

5. Note: The machine should be grounded before use to prevent electric shock.

Daily maintenance:

1. Refuel the screw oiling hole once a day to remove foreign matter, dust, and oil on the screw, blade, tool holder, tool holder, and sliding guide post.

2. Lubricate the transmission chain and gear regularly every half month, and check the screws to prevent loosening and damage to the machine.

3. Regularly check whether the chain and transmission belt are loose every month.

4. When the laminating and paper-pulling top rollers are not working, the high position should not be pressed on the active rubber roller to avoid deformation. When cleaning the paper laminating rubber roller, it should be cleaned with neutral detergent, and cannot be scrubbed with gasoline, rosin, etc. to prevent premature aging.

5. When not working, use a towel or soft cloth to wipe the surface of the machine to keep the machine clean and clean.

6. When the machine is idle, oil seal the screw, blade, knife seat, etc., and rub the electroplated parts with oil to prevent corrosion.

The above briefly describes the operation and maintenance of the slitting machine. If you want to buy a metal coil slitting machine, please contact us.

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