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5 Safety Tips to Follow When Using Sheet Metal Cutting Tools

5 Safety Tips to Follow When Using Sheet Metal Cutting Tools

Sep 22,2022
sheet metal cutting machines
Sheet metal shears are one of the must-have industrial tools used today. These sheet metal shearing equipment allow workers to cut hard metals of different widths without the use of lasers or any high-tech equipment. Although metal shears are not as evolved as other precision metal cutting tools like plasma cutters, they pose a potential danger to workers if not handled properly. Therefore, when using these sharp tools, they should follow some basic safety tips. Would you like to know what safety tips to follow when using sheet metal cutting tools? This article answers the same question.

Sheet metal cutting tool safety tips

The following steps can be taken when using the sheet metal cutting tool:

1. Provide workers with a proper training: This is the first and most important step in using any metal cutting tool. Appropriate training courses on equipment, working conditions, and occupational hazards should be provided to trained and experienced professionals in the relevant organizations. In addition to this, personnel should be trained in safety procedures to prevent accidents in the workplace.

2. Do regular tool inspections: This is an important step before using a sheet metal shearing device. Tools should be inspected and checked for faults to ensure they are in good working order. This is because sheet metal operators work with various types of hard materials. If blunt-edged scissors are available, then workers may have difficulty.

3. Schedule routine maintenance and repairs: Oil and metal shavings may get caught in the scissors and easily wear out after a certain time. These reduce the effectiveness of the tool. To avoid this, it is important to perform maintenance and repairs at least once a week after each use, if not possible. This will keep the tool free of debris and help prevent accidents and damage.

4. Use personal protective equipment (PPE): Sheet metal shears are sharp; therefore, operators should always wear personal protective equipment such as durable hand gloves, anti-spark glasses, protective caps, etc. With PPE, the chance of an accident can be reduced. Employers have a responsibility to provide top-level PPE for their employees while they work. In addition, proper attire also plays a key role as ill-fitting or loose clothing can lead to accidents. Additionally, operators must avoid wearing heavy or fancy jewelry when handling tools, as the work environment exposes them to high temperatures.

5. Maintain a safe working distance: An obvious but essential safety tip for sheet metal cutting tools is to hold the handle while maintaining a safe distance. Make sure not to carry metal scissors with power cords or sharp blades. If you hold the power cord or get a sharp cut from a blade, you could be electrocuted.

The above briefly introduces 5 safety tips to follow when using a sheet metal shearing device, if you want to buy a sheet metal shearing device, welcome to contact us.

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