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Slitter Machine Features and Precautions

Slitter Machine Features and Precautions

Jul 13,2022
Many factories now use slitter machines to cut metal and other materials. But do you really understand? The following article can help you gain a deeper understanding of the characteristics of the slitting machine.

The slitting machine is used to uncoil, slit and rewind steel coils into coils of the desired width. It is suitable for processing cold-rolled and tinplate, hot-rolled carbon steel, silicon steel, stainless steel, and metal coils after various surface coatings.
For users with high requirements, EPC and CPC can be selected for automatic edge-to-edge or center-to-center cutting, which facilitates feeding, improves work efficiency, and also improves cutting accuracy, and protects the surface of the sheet. You can also choose EPC automatic edge-to-edge control to ensure neat winding, especially suitable for wide-format materials.
The slitting machine line is mainly composed of the following parts: feeding trolley, uncoiler, traction straightener, straight shear, slitting machine, waste coiler, tensioner, winder, unloading trolley, etc. The slitting line has a high degree of automation, simple operation, and reliable operation. The slitting and slitting machine can be exchanged and replaced, and the work efficiency is high. The production line speed is fast, and the unit speed can be matched by itself.

A good slitter determines the quality of the output product. So how can we use the slitting machine better?

1. The slitting machine should be checked regularly once a week to check whether all the fastening bolts of the slitting machine are loose, and take appropriate measures to ensure its normal operation.
2. Before each feeding of the slitting machine, the cutter, and the upper and lower shafts must be cleaned with gasoline to ensure perfect cutting.
3. After the slitter is powered on, pay close attention to its operation. If it is found that the slitting machine is abnormal, it should be stopped immediately and the corresponding emergency treatment should be carried out.
4. It is strictly forbidden for non-workers to approach the slitting machine during operation to avoid machine and personal safety accidents.
5. When the slitting machine is running, no one is allowed to jump over the rotating sheet, so as to avoid accidents such as accidental slipping and casualties.

The above briefly introduces the characteristics and precautions of the slitting machine. If you want to know more or want to buy a slitting machine, please contact us.

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