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The Slitter Blade is Mainly Suitable for the Cutting of Various Metal Sheets

The Slitter Blade is Mainly Suitable for the Cutting of Various Metal Sheets

Jul 6,2022
Slitter blades are mainly suitable for cutting various metal sheets, such as carbon steel, stainless steel, alloy steel, aluminum and alloys, copper and alloys, titanium and alloys, nickel-molybdenum alloys, etc. The blade of the slitting machine is mainly used in the metal sheet and strip slitting production line. It is made of stable high-speed cutting tool steel SKD, SKH, tungsten steel, and other materials. After a complete set of vacuum heat treatment processes, the hardness is uniform and precision machining. 

The slitting machine blade is the most important part of the slitting tool holder, and its machining precision is even more demanding. A round blade is a round blade, which forms a circular shape on the outside. Generally, a round blade is used in mechanical equipment, mainly for processing functions such as cutting and trimming. Slitting machine blades have been widely used and promoted in China's metal product processing technology industry, and various enterprises have high evaluations of slitting machine blades.

The basic working principle of the hydraulic slitting machine blade: the energy generated by the slitting machine blade is mainly transmitted to the host through the study of the optical fiber communication system, focused into a high-density beam, and irradiated to the surface of the processed pipe, and the melting point is not reached when the temperature changes instantaneously. When the material has begun to melt and form a cavity, when the cutting head of the slitter blade is positioned and moved, it forms the effect of its own cutting technology. Using the coaxial auxiliary gas, we can blow off the cut slag in time to ensure a more accurate processing effect. 

It has obvious advantages such as high precision, fast speed, environmental protection, no noise, and a smooth and complete surface. Especially for businesses to cut sheet metal.

Slitting knife slitter blade suitable material price and material application industry:

1) Applicable to different materials: it can cut metal, various non-metal composite plates and pipes, especially Chinese stainless steel plate, iron plate, aluminum material, ceramic plate, silicon wafer, diamond,s, and other materials.

2) Applicable industries: mainly used in auto parts, advertising sign making, mechanical parts processing, sheet metal processing, metal handicrafts, electronic appliances, and other industries.

Many people don't understand the difference between a hydraulic automatic slitter blade and a servo automatic slitter blade, the same cutting capacity and feed method as the slitter blade manufacturer, and why the servo slitter blade is slightly smaller than the hydraulic slitter blade expensive.

Difference 1

The hydraulic oil is fed using the slitter blade, with an accuracy of 0.3% of the cutting.

The blade of the servo slitting machine can be fed by the servo system motor, and the cutting accuracy is more stable than the oil pressure, reaching 0.2%.

Difference 2

The feed stroke of the hydraulic cutter is 1 meter, so it is only one meter or less suitable for cutting pipes, and custom extensions are required.

The feeding movement stroke of the blade of the servo slitting machine is also 1 meter, but it can be fed multiple times by setting. It only needs to feed the pipe slitter blade of more than one meter, and the influence range of the cutting time length is wider than that of the hydraulic system automatic slitter blade.

Difference 3

Hydraulic cutter blades can only set the cutting length. Customers who need to cut multiple lengths need to cut one length first and then the other.

The servo slitter blade can set 5 slitting lengths at the same time, saving time.

Difference 4

The hydraulic cutter blade does not have the function of pulling tailings. After a period of cutting, the tail of the remaining material is as long as possible. The added functionality of the servo tail slitter blade allows the tailings to be cut to 20mm, saving more material.

The above briefly describes the applicable metals and industries of the slitting machine. If you want to know more or want to buy a metal slitting machine, please contact us.

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