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GT1A Slitter

GT1A Slitter

GT1A Slitter
BrandHengli, SUMIKURA
Update TimeDec 11,2023
Detail Information


Name & Model

GT1A Slitter


For silicon-steel and tinplate slitting.


It is selectable to choose speed-regulation type or none speed-regulation type. And also selectable to use carbide knife or Cr12 knife.

Technical parameters

1) Max sheet thickness0.5mm

2) Max sheet width1250mm

3) Slitter shaft diameter100mm

4) Slitting width45-1250mm

5) Slitting parallel tolerance0.05mm/m

6) Burr≤0.02mm

7) Running speed10-60m/min ( Speed-regulation type)
????????????????????????????? ? 74m/min ( None speed-regulation type)

8) Consumption1.8Kw

9) Weightabout 1.5T