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How to Adjust the Tension of the Slitting Machine?

How to Adjust the Tension of the Slitting Machine?

Jul 20,2022
The tension of the slitting machine is an important factor in controlling the cutting result of the product, and it is very helpful for the running speed, uniformity, and stability, so it needs special attention. So what are the factors that affect the tension of the slitting machine, and what are the control methods? Let's analyze it together.

Factors affecting the tension of the slitting machine

1. The change in the elevator speed of the equipment will definitely cause a change in the tension of the whole equipment.

2. During the whole process of rewinding and unwinding the slitting machine, the straight warp of the rewinding and unwinding is continuously changed, and the change of the straight warp will definitely cause a change in the tension of the raw material. Unwinding will reduce the straight warp under the condition that the braking torque will not change, and the tension will increase with it. The winding is the other way around. If the winding torque does not change, the winding diameter will expand and the tension will be reduced. It is the key element that causes the tension shift of raw materials in operation.

3. The change in the tightness of the raw material roll will also cause a change in the tension of the entire equipment.

4. The asymmetry of dividing raw materials. For example, the fluctuation of the ductility of the raw material, the change of the thickness of the raw material along the total width, the length and the short orientation, etc., the quality axial force of the material roll, and the change of the working temperature and environmental humidity of the production and manufacturing, will also cause harm to the tension fluctuation of the entire equipment.

5. There are factors such as unbalanced and unstable standard air pressure in each transmission system organization of the slitting machine (such as guide rollers, wave rollers, unfolding rollers, etc.).

Slitter tension control method

Tension control methods are generally divided into two types: open-loop control methods and feedback control methods. The open-loop operation is to immediately use a motor with similar winding characteristics n=kD (n is the speed ratio, k is a constant, and D is the straight warp of the roll) to drive the system to wind the tissue, so as to obtain a similar constant tension operation. The open-loop operation has poor contingency and low linearity. The closed-loop control tension control has two types: immediate tension control and indirect tension control.

In the specific production process, the feedback of the adjusted amount, that is, the tension is compared with the given tension, and then the error function is used on the controller to adjust the controlled object so that the output tension takes into account the specific requirements. It is called immediate tension feedback control. This method does not need to consider various compensations and can eliminate steady-state errors; while indirect tension control is to use the motor-rated power-torque characteristic curve to control the torque according to the control speed, thereby To achieve the purpose of manipulating tension, such methods must carry out daily dynamic and static data compensation.

Sometimes, in order to obtain more precise control characteristics, a compound tension control method is used, that is, the control amount required is first determined according to the indirect control system, and the indirect control is made as accurate as possible in consideration of various compensations, and then adjust by using immediate tension manipulation.

The above briefly describes the control method of the slitting machine tension. If you want to buy a slitting machine, please contact us.

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