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transformer core production line

transformer core production line

transformer core production line
CategoriesSilicon-steel cross cutting line
BrandHengli, SUMIKURA
Update TimeJul 22,2024
Detail Information

transformer core production line

Name & Model

HL-HJ400 silicon-steel cross cutting line

Technical parameters

1. Max capacity of each uncoiler reel1.2T

2. Coil I.D.500±10mm

3. Shearing width40-440mm

Should conform to the length-width rate of the sheet drawing

4. Shearing length400-2500mm

5. Shearing thickness0.23-0.35mm

6. Shearing tolerance±0.2mm

7. Shearing angular tolerance±0.025°

8. Line speed150m/min

9. Life of straight cutter1,000,000 cuts before grinding

10. Burr in cutter life≤0.02mm

11. Power consumption30Kw

12. Air consumption3m3/min

13. Weightabout 15T

14Coil requirementWidth tolerance±0.1mm

??????????????????? Burr tolerance≤0.03mm

??????????????????? Straightness tolerance≤0.02mm/2m

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