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HL-ZJ1250-60A & HL-ZJ1250-60B Slitting Line

HL-ZJ1250-60A & HL-ZJ1250-60B Slitting Line

HL-ZJ1250-60A & HL-ZJ1250-60B Slitting Line
CategoriesSlitting line
BrandHengli, SUMIKURA
TypeSlitting Rewinder
Update TimeJun 21,2024
Detail Information

Name & Model

HL-ZJ1250-60A & HL-ZJ1250-60B slitting line



Carbide knives

Technical parameters

1) Slitting thickness0.2-0.5mm

2) Max slitting width1250mm

3) Max uncoiling weight5T

4) Uncoiling O.D.≤1400mm

5) Uncoiling I.D.385-450mm / 480-520mm

6) Slitter mandrel diameter100mm

7) Slitting quantity8 strips

8) Slitting width≥71mm

9) Recoiling weight≤5T

10) Recoiling I.D.508mm

11) Slitting parallel tolerance0.05mm/m

12) Burr≤0.02mm

13) Slitting width tolerance0.05mm

14) Speed regulation methodElectromagnetic

15) Speed10-60m/min

16) Total consumption50Kw(model A) / 45Kw(model B)

17) Land occupation14×6m

18) Other performanceAll hydraulic driven, Proper circle recoiling, Pneumatic-expansion type strip tightener, With high-precision knife grinder, Side collector.

19) Unique designOn-line adjust slitting width, Adjust knife without removing shaft, On-line grinding.

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