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Slitting machine

Slitting machine

Slitting machine
CategoriesSlitting line
BrandHengli, SUMIKURA
TypeSlitting Rewinder
Update TimeJun 20,2024
Detail Information

?slitting? line:? The electric control of this line uses SIEMENS PLC and MITSUBISHI technology. The? hydraulic components is Japanese YUKEN and the bearings in key part is Japanese
NSK. The material of the knife is "DIAMOND" brand Carbide.? ?

Strip Thickness: 0.15-1.0mm
Strip Width: 300-1250mm
Burr: Max. 0.02mm
Slitting Width Tolerance: +/-0.02mm
Line Speed: Max. 120m/min
Numbers of Slits: Max. 15
Slitting Width: 55mm--1250mm
Uncoiler?Expansion Range 460mm-510mm
Recoiler Mandrel Diameter 508mm

Uncoiler Max. Load: 10 tons; Coil Outer Diameter: Max. 1500mm
Recoiler Max. Load: 10 tons; Coil Outer Diameter: Max. 1500mm
Line Total Weight: Max. 25 Tons
Work Place Size: length 15m, Width 7m
Power: 50Hz, 380V

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