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The Uncoiling Tension and Control Force of the Slitting Line Have High Precision

The Uncoiling Tension and Control Force of the Slitting Line Have High Precision

Apr 26,2023
Why is it said that the uncoiling tension and control force of the slitting line has high precision, we must first understand the basic knowledge of the slitting line.

The slitting line is also called the slitting unit, the slitting machine, and the steel slitting line machine. It is mainly used for strip cutting of tinplate, galvanized iron, silicon steel sheet, cold-rolled steel strip, stainless steel strip, aluminum strips, steel strips, etc. It cuts metal coils into strips of various widths and then harvests the strips into small rolls for the next process. It is necessary equipment for the precision cutting of transformers, motor industries, and other metal strips.

The main equipment of the slitting line, including the winding machine, feeding trolley, uncoiler, CPC centering device, uncoiling telescopic platform, cropping shears, center alignment, tensioning system, slitting machine, cross-arm automatic tool changer Turntables, scrap reels, outfeed pinch rolls, tension trolleys, recoilers, coil laminators, outfeed trolleys and cross-arm unloading turrets.

In addition to the characteristics of the horizontal coil uncoiler, the slitting line uncoiler also has precise uncoiling tension control, a precise high-sensitivity motor, and photoelectric detection centering device to keep the steel strip at the center of the slitting line during the threading process. Line position, and adjust the uncoiling speed to maintain a stable uncoiling tension. In addition, the lower uncoiling can be performed with the cooperation of the feeding trolley.

Cutting power of slitting line: imported servo control technology, fast speed, low noise, and long life. Mold: The mold made of imported alloy steel has the characteristics of small shearing burrs, long mold life, and fewer maintenance times. The mold manufacturing process is processed according to high-speed punching molds. Maintenance, disassembly, and grinding are particularly convenient and reduce labor intensity. Feeding power: AC synchronous servo motor is adopted, which has the characteristics of fast response, high positioning accuracy, low noise, small braking heat, and long life.

Slitting machine structure: The slitting machine is composed of a frame, upper and lower knife shafts, knife shaft spacing adjustment mechanism, and a transmission system. The distance between cutter shafts is a double eccentric adjustment. The upper and lower cutter shafts are driven by a DC motor, a reducer, a gear distribution box, and a universal joint. The eccentric position of the gear sleeve is adjusted electrically through the worm gear to change the distance between the cutter shafts and adjust the overlap of the blades.

The signal conversion process thus completed is also very simple. First, the high-speed response torque motor is used to drive the on-off valve with a fixed opening, and the operation is lost. Then the digital signal output by the computer is used to control the on-off valve so that the switch will be on and off. According to the two working conditions, when the feedback signal is sent back to the computer in the form of digital quantity, a conversion process is completed, and the slitting machine can be controlled in this way.

The above briefly introduces the relevant content of the uncoiling tension and control force of the slitting line with high precision. If you want to buy a silicon steel slitting line, please contact us.

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