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What is a Automobile External Sheet Cleaner Device?

What is a Automobile External Sheet Cleaner Device?

Mar 23,2023
An automobile external sheet cleaner device is a tool specially used to clean the exterior surface of vehicles. It can help clean and maintain the appearance of the car, including the body, wheels, and other parts. The device uses high-pressure water spray technology to effectively remove dirt and stains from the surface of the vehicle while preventing scratches and damage to the paintwork. It also has the characteristics of automatic operation, high efficiency, and low noise, which makes the cleaning work easier and faster.

Working Principle

The equipment is equipped with a high-pressure water pump and a nozzle. The water pump pressurizes the water and sprays it out through the nozzle to form a high-speed water flow and clean the vehicle surface. The equipment can also rotate and lift automatically, making the cleaning more comprehensive and thorough. During the cleaning process, the equipment will use special cleaning agents to achieve a better cleaning effect. The whole cleaning process is controlled by the electronic control system, and the operation is simple and convenient.


This automobile external sheet cleaner device usually consists of the following main components:

- High-pressure water pump: used to pressurize tap water to generate high-pressure water flow.

- Nozzle: The nozzle is the end that sprays high-pressure water, and its angle and range can be adjusted as needed.

- Detergent box: A container with cleaning fluid, which can add an appropriate amount of detergent to the cleaning water to improve the cleaning effect.

- Control system: including electrical control cabinet and operation panel, which controls the equipment during normal operation.

- Water pipes and wires: connect high-pressure water pumps, nozzles, detergent tanks, and control systems.

In addition, some models of car exterior panel cleaning equipment also have functions such as an automatic rotating head and automatic lifting mechanism, which make the cleaning more comprehensive and thorough. Collectively, these components work together to allow this device to efficiently clean car surfaces and provide a full range of cleaning and maintenance services.


Caring for your automobile's external sheet cleaner device can prolong its life and increase its efficiency. Here are some maintenance suggestions:

1. Check and replace the cleaning solution regularly: It is recommended to check the remaining cleaning solution before using the equipment for the first time and add or replace it as needed. Expired or contaminated cleaning agents can affect the cleaning effect and even cause damage to the equipment.

2. Clean the water pump and nozzles regularly: During use, the water pumps and nozzles will be polluted by impurities in the cleaning fluid. Disassemble and clean the water pump and nozzles regularly to keep them clean and in good working condition.

3. Regularly check and replace water pipes, joints, and wires: Check whether the water pipes, joints, and wires are firmly connected, and replace aging or damaged parts in time.

4. Regularly check the electrical control cabinet: Regularly check whether the switches and fuses in the electrical control cabinet are normal, and replace them in time if they are damaged.

5. Storage: When the device is not in use, it should be stored in a dry and well-ventilated place to prevent the device from being damp and rusted.

The above briefly introduces some basic information about the automobile external sheet cleaner device. If you want to purchase the automobile external sheet cleaner device, please contact us.

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