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The use of the silicon steel slitting line

The use of the silicon steel slitting line

May 16,2012

Read about carbon steel, going with hydraulic or mechanical shears. Cut deciding upon a sharp blade to the duration of the low-carbon steel. shearing line one important factor ncludes a direct relation to the products low-carbon steel cutting has carried out coming from a low-carbon steel blade, shears distance settings. If ever the distance is placed to wide, metal bending, and never cut. Generally if the distance is to off, shear blade will bind and the blade can break.

1 A measurement of these thickness for the sheet metal of low carbon steel. A sheet of metal is round, some slots around its edges. Not hard to slip on the side on the low carbon steel plate from the slots of different thickness and slot, you should not wobble top to bottom, you find in the back end of your respective slot tag specification size.

2 Cut, appear at manual you will be running a cutting low carbon steel to determine simple methods to set the gap in between the shear blades and shears. Is based on at the gap via the sheet metal on metal thickness. Along the lines of, the 11 plate is 8 inches thick, silicon steel slitting line which means must set the blade clearance .125 (1/8 in.).

3 Open the sheet metal shear and carbon steel plate don the shears.

4 set big event block of sheet metal cut for the size it's important to cut the low-carbon steel.

5 slide shear carbon steel, before you feel the metal to experience a back account. Firmly press every corner using the mild steel plate to ensure that is certainly to deal with nearly rest once your block.

6 Press the pedal sheet metal cutting length cutting low-carbon steel.

7 Silicon steel cut to length line repeat the process til you have a low-carbon steel cut to appropriate length and width.