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What is the action of shearing metal?

What is the action of shearing metal?

Mar 27,2012

The number of manufacturing applications, silicon steel shearing line especially small and medium-sized metal parts manufacturing is very important. A type of metal processing technology known as shear action. With the implementation of the shearing, metal cutting machine used in the manufacturing process create a band and free-form, or shearing action can make the hole in the metal plate to create a ventilation hood or other specialized equipment, and not different from a metal plate, parts.
The action of the metal cut from other separation materials, metal or sheet metal cutting, vertical cutting force, usually downward, through a tilted blade applications. Shearing action, is a common metal processing technology and manufacturing applications scale for cutting thin sheet metal. Or metal or other metal processing technology, such as bending or squeezing further by manipulating.

Any shear system has three different parts. The most obvious feature of the metal shear required for the sheet metal itself. Sheet metal, and then placed in a mold, sheet metal through these pieces of metal will be cut a hole or window to rest support. The shearing action to complete a punch, which refers to the angle of the blade shearing metal exert a downward force. Punch and die cutting the shape of the decision in the hole or on the windowsill, coil cutting line cut the shape of the metal.

There are three different forms of shear movement of metal processing using the traditional cut, turret punch and blanking. The use of conventional shear straight rushing to cut a straight piece of sheet metal mold windowsill. Turret punch press is used to create the basic shape of the metal plate so that the entire worksheet can be used for a specific application, in this case, shearing metal scrap. Blanking is similar to the turret punch press, the metal plate is placed in a mold hole and metal shear punch from the table.

Shearing, mainly used for sheet metal, and metal pipes can also be produced by cutting action. Must be stable and tubing inside and outside on both sides to prevent distortion or deformity of the metal support personal mold metal pipe exposed to shear. The most metal cutting equipment to act as a downward force, but a number of industrial cutting equipment, spare cutting, high-speed shearing time allows.

Shearing, cutting through the metal of special equipment for the unity of the various applications of metal parts. Uniform pieces of metal, you can speed up the manufacturing process. Ability to perform the shearing and other metal manufacturing technology, metal industry, slitting line manufacturing and other areas of work will have far fewer applications.