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Shears according to the type of process purpose and structure classification

Shears according to the type of process purpose and structure classification

Mar 26,2012

A flat blade shears: shearing quality, metal slitting line distortion is small, but the shear force, high energy consumption. More of the mechanical drive. Two blade up and down the shears parallel to each other, commonly used in the beginning of the rolling mill hot shear rolling billets and slabs; can be divided according to their shear-cut-cut.

Oblique blade shears: the upper and lower blades of the shears into a point of view, generally on the blade is tilted, its angle of inclination is generally 1 ° to 6 °. Oblique edge with cutting force than the flat blade shears, motor power, and the whole weight is greatly reduced, and the practical application to a maximum of shearing machine manufacturers to produce more such shears.

Class shears turret movement points Guillotine Shear and Shearing Machine; the main transmission system is divided into two types of hydraulic drive and mechanical drive

Third, multi-purpose shears:

1, the ironworker: to complete the sheet shear cut, pinhole detector but also on the profiles used for cutting processes

2, sheet metal bending shears: to be completed in the same mechanical shear and bending process.

Special shears: more than with other equipment, completion of special purpose

A plate Kaiping line shears: for the sheet decoiling levels online, fast shear requirements and design of high-speed shearing machine with the production line speed, slab line, the hydraulic high-speed shears, sheet online with pneumatic shears; high-speed online with the Clippers, continuous production, high efficiency.

2, steel production line shears: used for angle steel, H beam automatic production line to complete the cut process

3, Shearing line the roll forming line shears: for example, the configuration of the production line of car stringer cold-formed line, the carriage side of the baffle production line, color steel molding line dedicated shears, etc.