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Pinhole detector

Pinhole detector

Pinhole detector
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BrandHengli, SUMIKURA
Update TimeDec 11,2023
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Name & Model

PHD-1250A Pinhole detector

Function & characteristic

n???????? High sensitivity. Pinhole as small as Φ0.018mm /Φ0.013mm can be precisely found out.

n???????? High luminance light source. Use light source with specific optical characteristics to ensure the detector to be sensitive and reliable.

n???????? Automatic side follower assures a minimum detecting blind area.

n???????? Operate by touch screen. Humanized interface is easy to understand.

n???????? Multiple protection and alarm, makes operation more relieved.

n???????? On-line detecting, max speed up to 1500m/min.

n???????? Compact structure,takes minimum space.

Technical parameters

1. Detecting material: opaque plate such as steel, aluminum, copper, etc

2. Detecting width: 300-1250mm

3. Detecting thickness: ≤1.2mm

4. Detecting sensitivity: Φ0.018mm /Φ0.013mm

5. Speed: ≤1500m/min

6. Power: AC220V±22V? 50Hz±1Hz

7. Consumption: ≤500W

8. Temperature: 10-40

9. Relative humidity: 10%-80%