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Shearing line

Shearing line
CategoriesDigital-controlled scroll cutting line
BrandHengli, SUMIKURA
Update TimeJul 22,2024
Detail Information

Name & Model

HL1200BS6 digital-controlled scroll cutting device(shearing line)


For uncoiling, straightening, high-precise scroll cutting and stacking tinplate or aluminum. It is an important device for can-making or metal-printing companies to reduce tinplate loss and producing cost.

Electric control

The electric control components use whole set of Mitsubishi control system.


Tinplate, Blackplate, TFS and Aluminum in tempers normally associated with standard can making material

Die set

Straight die / Scroll die

Shear type


Technical parameters

1) Sheet width range500-1200mm

2) Sheet thickness range0.125-0.525mm

3) Sheet length range500-1200mm

4) Max coil weight12 T

5) Nominal coil I.D.420mm

6) Mandrel expansion range400-445mm

7) Coil O.D.915-1800mm

8) Max line speed125m/min

9) Max cutting strokes150 SPM

10) Max bundle weight2100kg

11) Max bundle height460mm(Including stander)

12) Length tolerance range≤±0.15mm

13) Diagonal tolerance range≤±0.18/1000mm

14) Power consumptionabout 100kw

15) Air consumptionabout 1m3/min


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