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The Ultimate Guide to Sheet Metal Shearing Device

The Ultimate Guide to Sheet Metal Shearing Device

Feb 9,2023
Shearing Machine
Sheet metal shearing machine is widely used in the sheet metal processing industry. It can cut steel plate materials of various thicknesses.

The machine can be pedal-powered, less commonly hand-powered, or mechanical or hydraulic power.

It works by first clamping the material with a ram.

The blade is then moved down past the stationary blade to cut the material.

Shearing machines can generally be divided into foot power shearing machines, mechanical shearing machines, hydraulic swing beam shearing machines, hydraulic gate shearing machines, and hydraulic numerical control shearing machines.

The hydraulic shearing machine relies on the movement of the upper blade and the fixed blade and uses a reasonable blade gap to apply a shear force to metal sheets of various thicknesses so that the sheets are broken according to the required size.

Sheet metal shears are typically used to cut straight-edged blanks.

The shearing process should ensure that the shearing surface of the shearing surface is straight and parallel, and minimize the deformation of the plate to obtain high-quality workpieces.

Metal shearing machine is a kind of forging machinery, mainly used in the metal processing industry.

Products are widely used in the light industry, aviation, shipbuilding, metallurgy, instrumentation, electrical appliances, stainless steel products, steel structures, and decoration industries.


Special Metal Shears

It is often used in conjunction with other equipment to complete special purposes:

- Cold bending line shearing machine: specially used for cold bending line of automobile longitudinal beam, automobile side panel production line, color plate forming line, etc;

- Metal scissors for steel structure production line: mainly used for angle steel and H-beam automatic production line to complete the cutting process;

- Metal shears for plate uncoiling: designed according to the requirements of fast production lines for plate uncoiling lines.

Heavy plate lines mostly use hydraulic high-speed plate-cutting machines, while thin plate lines are usually equipped with pneumatic metal cutting machines. The high-speed line is equipped with flying shears for continuous production and high efficiency.

Beveled Scissors

The upper and lower blades of the sheet metal shearing machine are at an angle, and the upper blade is generally inclined, and the inclination angle is generally 1°to 6°.

Angled blade shears have less shear force than flat blade shears.

Therefore, the power of the motor and the weight of the whole machine are greatly reduced.

Flat Edge Scissors

The cutting quality is good, and the distortion is small, but the shearing force is large and the energy consumption is large.

Most are mechanical transmissions.

The cutting edges of the cutting machine are parallel to each other, and it is often used for shearing hot-rolled billets and slabs. The cutting method, can be divided into upper cutting and lower cutting.

Multipurpose Metal Scissors

Combined punching and shearing machine: completes the shearing of the plate, and can also cut the profile, mainly used for the blanking process;

Plate bending and cutting machine: that is, the cutting and bending processes can be completed simultaneously on the same machine.

Safety Regulations for Guillotine Shears

Wear tight protective clothing with cuffs fastened before the operation.

Do not wear, undress, or surround your body next to the treadmill, so as not to be injured by the machine.

Helmets must be worn, braids should be kept inside hats, skirts, slippers, and gloves are not allowed.

Shearing machine operators must be familiar with the main structure, performance, and usage of the shearing machine.

This gate is suitable for all kinds of steel plates, copper plates, aluminum plates, and non-metallic material plates of rated thickness, without hard marks, welding slag, solder, and super thick is not allowed.

How to Use Metal Shears?

A. According to the thickness of the material to be cut, adjust the blade gap.

B. Adjust the mold or fixture according to the width of the material to be cut.

C. Start idling for 1 to 3 times, and put it into use after it runs well.

If it is found that the machine is not operating normally during use, the power supply should be cut off immediately for an inspection.

The power must be cut off when adjusting the machine, and pay attention to the safety of the hands when moving the workpiece.

The mechanical parts should be kept lubricated frequently, and the operator should add lubricating oil every shift, and the mechanic should add lubricating oil to the rolling bearing parts every six months.

The Following Situations May Occur:

Start the shearing machine and rotate it idly for several times, and try to cut plates of different thicknesses under normal conditions, from thin to thick.

Make sure the user is familiar with the shear's performance.

Adjust the blade clearance for trial cutting boards of different thicknesses.

If the corresponding blade gap is not adjusted, the durability of the blade will be affected.

Turn on the pressure gauge switch to observe the oil pressure during the shearing process. The pressure should be less than 20MPa when shearing a 12mm plate, and the factory set pressure is 20-22MPa.

The user must abide by this regulation, and shall not cut the material exceeding the specified thickness, otherwise, the pressure will be increased and the machine will be damaged.

The sound is balanced during operation. If the shearing machine makes noise, it should be checked.

When the cutting machine is working, the maximum temperature of the fuel tank should be lower than 60 degrees. If the temperature is exceeded, please stop the machine and take a rest.

The above introduces some basic information about sheet metal shearing machines, if you want to know more or want to buy sheet metal shearing machines, please contact us.

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