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Factors Affecting Shearing Quality of Metal Coils

Factors Affecting Shearing Quality of Metal Coils

Aug 2,2022
When measuring the relative properties of silicon steel longitudinal shear lines, we can develop measurement standards from a number of different aspects. Among them, the shear quality of the metal coil is an important indicator of the performance of the steel coil slitting machine. Today we will take you to understand the relevant factors that affect the quality of metal coil shearing.
Several factors affect the shear quality of metal coils:
1. The upper and lower knives overlap

2. Backlash

3. The uniformity of the hardness of the metal coil.
The correct amount of overlap is to ensure that the metal sheet has the best bite angle and shear continuity. It is related to the tensile strength, thickness, tension, shear force, and tool processing accuracy of the metal coil.
If the overlap is too large, the occlusal angle is too small, and the shearing moment increases. If the amount of overlap is too small, local shear shearing will continue to occur. In the actual use of the metal strip slitting and shearing machine, the phenomenon of local knife jumping will inevitably occur. Therefore, the maximum deflection of the arbor and the strength of the verification arbor must be set so as not to affect the correct amount of shear overlap.

The machining accuracy of the tool is also an important factor affecting the shearing quality of metal coils. It is about efficient continuous cutting. If there is a gap between the tool shaft and the tool hole, the eccentricity will occur when the tool moves. If the eccentricity is too large, intermittent shearing will occur. However, with the continuous advancement of technology, the adjustment of the overlap amount of the metal strip slitting machine has achieved digital automation, which is more accurate and convenient.
The side clearance of the steel coil slitting machine also determines the quality of the stainless steel slitting and crimping. Shear and tear areas should be neat and smooth. Generally, the shear band accounts for 20% of the thickness of the metal coil. To 45%, the thicker the metal coil, the larger the shear zone.
If the backlash is too large, the metal coil will deform, resulting in a smaller shear area, a larger tear area, and an increase in edge burrs. Its size is mainly related to the tensile strength and thickness of the sheared material, so it is generally required to be 3% to 8% of the thickness of the metal coil.
The adjustment accuracy of the side clearance of the disc cutter of the metal coil slitting machine is mainly realized by the machining accuracy of the disc cutter, the compound rubber spacer, and the steel spacer. Equal tolerance. In addition, the cumulative error of the tool group will also affect the adjustment accuracy of the side clearance of the disc cutter. Therefore, the width accuracy of the cut metal coil should be determined by the knife side clearance, which cannot exceed twice the knife side clearance.
The above is an in-depth analysis of the influence of the shear quality of the metal coil on the performance of the steel coil slitting machine. Hope this helps you. If you are looking for a professional silicon steel shearing device, welcome to contact us.

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