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The use and performance of the shearing Line

The use and performance of the shearing Line

May 9,2012

Flat steel shear line also known as: flat steel (steel), shearing machine, silicon steel cut to length line vertical and horizontal composite line.
Use and performance characteristics:
1: for hot rolled strip after unwinding, slitting, leveling, cut each into a certain width of the length of flat steel to replace the traditional flat steel molding process. With high precision, the finished product rate, environmentally friendly, efficient and low cost.
2: The production line of compact structure, simple operation, high reliability.
3: equipment, steel and high strip flatness.
4: The production rate, silicon steel slitting line instead of the traditional manufacture process, it can be mass-produced high-precision, high-quality products.

 There are three configurations to choose from:
1 Open-book - leveling - slitting - winding
2 Open-book - leveling - slitting - length - horizontal shear,
3 A composite line of the above two functions.
The production line of the main components of the hydraulic systems using high-precision components, electric control system adopts imported PLC program controller and touch screen to control all functions, with a high degree of automation, the leveling of good quality, high cutting precision, stable and reliable performance, operation and maintenance convenience characteristics of the membrane once feeding to achieve the successful completion of the process, effectively reducing the labor intensity, with a high cost, is the set of mechanical, electrical, shearing line fluid integration of high-performance products.