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The performance advantages of aluminum the scroll cutting line

The performance advantages of aluminum the scroll cutting line

Apr 26,2012

The sheet metal is no more than has been pressed into the sheet metal. scroll cutting line on the roof and electronic products, such as the products are used in sheet metal. So that the plate could evolve into the form that can be used in a variety of products, and perform various operations. These operations are usually automated machinery factory. Operation, select the different tasks, the ability to rely on their own tasks and production equipment.
Bending sheet metal and bent to a predetermined angle. The bending operation to create a straight line bending and forms to create a curved arc. Sheet metal sometimes be arranged and joints, according to Scribd. Connector types, including flushing the joint, it must have a table level, through the joint, which is used to a fixed object at the bottom of groove joints, a folded edge and a folded up, and double the groove edge joints.

Mold manufacturing
Mold manufacturing for various kinds of sheet metal cut into the required shape, they are using a special tool known as the mold to be cut. Create objects such as paper clips, this technology is used. Die cutting involves two to eliminate the edge of the sheet metal parts, aluminum scroll cutting line according to the sliding share perforation, cut sheet, according to Scribd.
Ironing is the use of force in order to reduce the thickness of sheet metal. The sheet metal has become more intensive, but also becomes thinner, which is useful in some cases, according to Scribd.
Cutting, slotting, and blanking
Cutting is to separate the two plates can be used to manufacture products, the behavior of the sheet metal. To cut in different forms, such as grooving, drilling and shaving. Slotting is the behavior of the various production processes of sheet metal stamping into a hole, perforating mode, sheet metal stamping, notching the edge of the sheet metal and shaving and fine red edge of the removal and pruning smooth sheet, according to the sliding share. Blanking is previously made in the sheet metal hole to expand.
The sheet metal is sometimes cut into two, called slitting process. Slitting a rolling part of a shear blade, the middle straight cut down the plate, according to a sliding share.
In the process of eating away the metal plate sent by nibbler, silicon steel shearing line punch overlapping holes in sheet metal.