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How to run underground cable satellite television

How to run underground cable satellite television

Apr 1,2012

If you have a shed or detached from the garage of your home, silicon steel slitting line and want to enjoy cable television and the Internet, you may need to run an inner cable. Most cable installation does not include running additional cable structure from the main house. This is not a problem, this is a fairly simple process.

1The appearance of the building from your cable box or distributor, where you will install the cable distance measurement. With a tape measure.

2 Mark the route of the underground passages of a can of red paint.

3Dig underground passage at least a foot deep about four inches wide, pinhole detector if you have one with a shovel or trench excavator.

4 laid a PVC pipe inside the channel, cut with a hacksaw if necessary. Once the route lay men and women at both ends of the assembled conduit connection and pipe PVC pipe cement inside to push together.

5 Push the coaxial cable into the pipe and thread through the use of duct cable (for feeding cable through a pipeline length of steel wire).

6 is equipped with two 90-degree elbow PVC pins in two perpendicular directions. (A) in the joints and the joint connecting wire cable through the end of each pipe with PVC cement. Thread the cable through these joints, because it is difficult to pull the cable out through a 90 degree bend.

7 Shearing line runs of cable ducts in your home cable box and connect it to the distributor. Run to the television or fall off the other side of the garage. This may require drilling a hole through the side wall or the floor in some cases. If so, caulk holes silicon or roof tar.